How many times have you heard that in your life?  How many times have you told someone else those words?  It’s funny how the first 2-3 years of a child’s life we are teaching them to stand up and walk, and to talk.  The next 15 years are spent telling them to sit down and be quiet.  What a contradiction! If there was one piece of advice that could be considered the most important piece of advice for someone, it would have to be “sit down and be quiet”. 

The modern world has gotten crazy.  Constant external stimulation from the news media, social media, keeping our cell phones with us continuously …. When do we have time to just sit quiet and relax?  Avi’s blog post “What is Mysticism?” is a wonderful start to figuring out how to be quiet and to learn how to appreciate what we can’t see in life.  Quiet is where the magic is. 

We are all familiar with three dimensions:  a point, a line, and space.  Well, when we are still and quiet we can experience the fourth dimension.  That’s where all the stuff is that fills the space in between the dots and lines and shapes in our shallow three-dimensional world.  Stuff like memories, love, the “self”… things that can’t be smelled, touched, measured or even seen. This dimension is what we are missing in our lives today and people just won’t even slow down long enough to notice. There are a couple of videos on the Inner-Revolution YouTube channel concerning the fourth dimension; definitely worth checking out!  (Link below, but finish reading the post ?

“Sit down and be quiet” is really another definition for meditation, but that word scares a lot of people too.  Meditation isn’t anything fancy; it’s just sitting quietly to relax your body and to start training your mind to be still as well.  We are covered up in thoughts every minute of every day of our lives so we don’t even realize it as something abnormal, but it is.  The natural state of a human mind is quiet; to be useful when needed, and quiet when not.  A good way to describe our minds would be like a continuously running chainsaw that you could pick up and use when you needed it, but otherwise it’s still running.  Once you get a taste of “quiet mind” you’ll be trying to find the “off” switch on that saw every chance you get. 

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” is another saying I was plagued with as a child.  I can see the good intentions, but to torture a child with the belief that the devil is gonna get you if you’re not thinking about something all the time sure has its drawbacks. An idle mind is a wonderful thing!  Sure, we have to carry on our daily responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean that we have to keep our minds full-to-overflowing all the time. 

Sit down and be quiet.  Let the magic happen.

P.S. Here’s the link to the YouTube video on “Exploring the 4th Dimension – Memory” .

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