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The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Truth has infinite patience. It can quietly wait for centuries, looking for the right opportunity to reveal itself.

More than two thousand years in the making, this is the revolutionary book we have been waiting for – one that can sever the roots of the religious creeper that has smothered the magnificent lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to reveal, for the first time, their true human story.

This is neither an over-exaggerated biblical narrative of a miraculous “Son of God” nor a dull historical account of his life, but a brutally honest exploration of the incredible lives of two individuals, their love for each other and the Truth. 

Midwest Book Review:

The Greatest Love Story Never Told – Liberating Jesus and Mary from Christianity should be a mainstay in any Christian collection, not because it explores the usual contentions of Christian history; but because it defies many of these traditional perceptions.

Its controversial message won’t be for every Christian – but it should be, because within its challenge of Church doctrine and the extreme efforts made over history to rewrite the image of Jesus the man, lies an intention to place Jesus in the kind of perspective that makes him even more of a spiritual figurehead:

“When it comes to understanding Jesus, the single most important question humanity has failed to ask is, “What did this young man find within him that he was willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of sharing it?” If only Christians had asked this one question, without supplying it with a two-thousand-year-old stale biblical answer that he was a “Messenger of God”, they would have discovered an entirely different Jesus – one more alive and vibrant than he who hung on the cross.”

Vibrant, uplifting, and filled with reworkings of traditional Christian history, The Greatest Love Story Never Told indeed walks the dangerous path of revisionary works in challenging some of the most closely-held legends of Christian belief.

From Mary Magdalene’s real role as the wife of Jesus and one of his apostles to her very human broken-heartedness over his crucifixion and the roots of why he was envisioned as rising from death after three days, The Greatest Love Story Never Told not only adopts a broader perspective in re-interpreting the life of Jesus, but does so with fiery passion.

This often translates to condemnations of not just Church doctrine, but challenges to the form of history that it created in the name of, not God, but its own special interests.

Many of these passages will offer much food for thought in other ways, envisioning possibilities that could have stemmed from events if they were interpreted and presented differently: “…there is no Christianity without Mary and her internalization of Jesus’ truth. If Mary Magdalene had been a man, in all likelihood, her Christianity would have replaced that of Jesus’.”

By now, it should be evident that, inherent in the controversial reworking of Christian history, there is enlightenment in the discovery of a living man who was something even more intriguing than the mystical figure the Church created from his life.

Christian collections willing to consider this book’s revolutionary and outspoken revisionist approach to Christian history will find it sparks not only debate and food for thought, but a different, more revealing appreciation for the path Jesus walked.

Libraries appealing to Christian readers and thinkers will find The Greatest Love Story Never Told essential for reading groups interested in different views of how Christian fact and fancy evolved. The book encourages reflection and debate as it forms an unusual perspective on Jesus’ life and the way it was taken over and interpreted by the special interests of a Church undertaking to cement its power in the world.

The Sanskrit word “Nirvana” means “to extinguish” or “blow out”. It is a word that describes one of the greatest possible internal experiences of life. It represents that moment when an individual transcends the conditioned limitations of the mind, including fear, boredom, and uncertainty, to experience an unparalleled state of internal bliss and joy.

“Nirvana” is a non-religious spiritual community dedicated to the exploration of the inner mysteries of life. We are here to explore and experience life to its fullest by pursuing our own individual paths to awakening, as well as helping each other along the way. “Nirvana” is the ultimate spiritual destination to live and grow in freedom, guided by an enlightened teacher.

Our Purpose

With our first meditation center being developed in Tennessee, we at Nirvana are striving to empower people to go beyond the stress and anxiety of daily life and reach to their highest possibility.

During our lives, we all develop mental blocks which inhibit our creative ability, affect our positivity, and hide our purpose in life. Through programs and experiential workshops, we teach people how to overcome these mental blocks and obstacles.

We are a curious bunch of people seeking the best of what life has to offer; inner peace, happiness and a deeper connection with life. We are passionate about meditation and its tremendous possibilities.



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Are you ready to meditate?

Many of us--I’d venture to say most of us--are scurrying through life wishing we had more time for this or that. Once we get “this or that” accomplished, there’s another something else that needs our attention. It’s exhausting.  You’ve heard it before, but I’m going...

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Is Religion Serving its Purpose?

Is Religion Serving its Purpose?

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While a good book provides answers, a great book compels you to ask new questions. “The Silent Path” steps on the toes of institutional belief systems, exposing a beautiful path to individual liberation. Instead of providing readymade answers, this book inspires you to think and question your limiting belief systems.

Enlightened teacher Avi takes you on a magnificent journey into your inner world of silence and stillness. He offers an ideal introduction to the world of meditation and answers some of your most important questions about pursuing a more meaningful way of life. “The Silent Path” describes how to balance the responsibilities of a modern lifestyle, while pursuing a practical and scientific path to inner peace, certainty and happiness.

Here are a few questions Avi addresses in this book:

  • What can meditation do for me? How do I practice it?
  • How do I gain control over my thoughts and emotions?
  • How do I stop worrying so much?
  • How do I manage my anger and frustration?
  • What exactly is Enlightenment and how do I attain it? 

An “illuminating breath of fresh air,” “The Silent Path” will change your life forever.

About the Author:

Once in a while, an individual comes along who possesses the ability to profoundly alter our perception and understanding of life. Avi is one such person. Avi’s deep understanding of human life comes from his experiential journey into the depths of silence and stillness.

After attending college and pursuing a career, Avi still felt restless and incomplete. He left his corporate job to pursue his passion for life, spirituality and meditation. After completing his NLP Masters, he dove into the world of meditation, spending several years in intense silence, solitude and meditation, at the end of which he had a profound life-altering experience of Self-Realization.

Currently, Avi lives in Tennessee where he is building his first meditation center. Nirvana Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Avi to help spread his message and teachings around the world.

Avi Raa

Praise for the book

“This book has changed the way I look at life. Such amazing insights! Avi is truly gifted.”


Student, Nirvana

“This is a must read book for all those who are interested in meditation. Just loved it.”


Business Analyst, Northern Trust


In today’s digital age, you don’t have to physically be at Nirvana to volunteer. We have volunteering opportunities in transcribing videos, writing articles, book editing, program organization, teaching, and lots more.

Our first meditation center is under construction in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. We could use help from folks who have skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical or general labor skills.

If you’re interested in helping us by contributing your time and energy, use the volunteer form to share your information.

Volunteering with Nirvana offers you an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of people around you. It also offers you an opportunity to transform your own life by bringing in more meaning and purpose to your actions.

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