About Nirvana

Originally from India, our teacher Nirvana embarked on his professional journey in the corporate sector shortly after completing his college education. Yet, at the age of 24, he realized that there was a void deep inside him that material achievements could never fill. Yearning for inner tranquility and a sense of purpose, he made the courageous decision to move away from home, leave his job, rent a modest room, and embark on a dedicated pursuit of meditation.

Devoting himself to intense meditation for several years, Nirvana underwent a profound spiritual awakening that forever transformed his life. Motivated by this newfound understanding, he eagerly began sharing his experience with others through various programs and retreats. In 2017, he traveled to the United States with one of his students, and upon his arrival, he intuitively knew that he had found a place to sow the seeds of consciousness and awareness.

Nirvana Foundation is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing individuals with opportunities to explore the realms of meditation and self-awareness through books and programs. Nirvana speaks twice a day, and his talks are recorded and transcribed by his students which are ultimately compiled into books for publication. Currently, our teacher resides and teaches in Tennessee, where development of the first Nirvana meditation retreat is under way.

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