What is Happiness?

Happiness is the art of being fully present and alive to the experiences of the present moment. It occurs when we are simply alive and aware of what is happening within us and around us. Surprisingly, happiness has very little to do with external circumstances.

If our happiness depended solely on external factors, we would never truly attain it. This might explain why we spend our lives in a continual search for happiness, yet often fail to find it in tangible forms. Happiness is not about momentary excitement that ebbs and flows. For happiness to be genuine, it must be constant and woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

If we have not discovered this form of happiness, it is because we have forgotten how to access this true state of internal contentment. If our quest is merely for fleeting excitement, satisfied by our daily expectations being met or exceeded, then we are not truly seeking happiness. Happiness is far more real and tangible than we might imagine.

When we discover our true internal happiness, it becomes an integral part of our lives. Real happiness can never be lost, and any happiness that can be lost was never real to begin with. The genuine pursuit of happiness is, in essence, a quest for an internal state of contentment that is independent of our external circumstances. Happiness that depends on our bank balance, or similar external factors, is something else entirely, though we often label it as happiness. Let us explore how we can achieve true and lasting happiness.

Before we embark on our search for happiness, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on our greatest possession. What is the true source of our strength and inspiration? Upon what have we relied every time we’ve been down and out? What has enabled us to overcome life’s countless obstacles? What is the single most significant positive force in our life?

It is our very “Self,” isn’t it? Are we not our most significant possession? Are we not the greatest source of our own strength? Can anything be more powerful, positive, real, and constant than our Self? If the Self is our greatest possession, then discovering it is the essence of true happiness. The quest for happiness is, therefore, a quest for our true self. This is why happiness cannot be found externally. How can we expect to find happiness outside when the very source and foundation of happiness lies within us?

While this discussion might seem to border on the esoteric, touching upon spiritual or philosophical realms that appear distant or abstract, it actually speaks to the very core of our existence. The truth is, what we are seeking is ourselves. We are on a journey to discover who we truly are. Happiness, in its essence, is the pursuit of our most natural, simple, and constant internal state of being. We are the very happiness we seek.

The challenge lies in learning how to distinguish ourselves from the external happenings around us to fully experience our true selves. This doesn’t imply fleeing from everything. Escaping from the world isn’t feasible; the world has already made its way into our minds, and it’s not something we can easily dismiss. The art of finding happiness involves mastering the ability to remain internally detached from the external chaos, enabling us to stay deeply connected with the pleasant experience of the self.

Keys to Happiness

There are several practices we can incorporate into our daily lives to foster this internal state of happiness. Let’s explore some of these strategies:

1) Mindfulness and Awareness: Cultivating mindfulness and staying aware throughout the day can help us avoid falling into unnecessary negative thought patterns and maintain control over our situations.

2) Equanimity towards Feedback: Embrace both positive and negative feedback from your environment with equanimity. Remember, all judgments are merely subjective opinions; no one else can truly judge you accurately.

3) Living in the Present: Learn to relax and release constant preoccupations with the past and future. Develop a regular practice of being fully present. Happiness exists in the here and now.

4) Releasing Judgments: Refrain from constantly judging others. We are all shaped by our unique experiences and conditioning. Recognize that another person is essentially you, placed in a different set of circumstances. Judging others only diminishes your own peace of mind and wastes precious time.

5) Detached Attachment: Master the art of detached attachment. Learn to be fully engaged in activities or relationships while remaining unaffected by their outcomes. This balance allows for deep involvement without the emotional turbulence that often accompanies attachment.

6) Dedicate Time to Meditation: Aim to meditate for at least one hour daily. Meditation is a powerful tool for self-discovery and exploring the depths of your inner life.

7) Take Regular Breaks: Ensure you take breaks to relax and rejuvenate. It’s easy to become engrossed in activities and overlook the need for rest. Remember, adequate rest is essential for a happier life.

8) Stay Organized and Simplify: Work towards simplifying your life every day. Keeping things organized and embracing simplicity can significantly enhance your happiness. The joy often lies in the simplest of things.

9) Channel Your Creativity: Invest your time and energy in creative pursuits. Creativity is not just a source of happiness but a reflection of our innate tendency to create. Engaging in creative activities can unlock happiness from within.

10) Understand Happiness as a Foundation: Recognize that happiness is not a destination but the starting point. Instead of waiting for happiness to arrive with certain events, choose to be happy first, and watch how things align with your state of joy. Happiness is always just a momentary choice away. Make your happiness dependent on nothing but yourself.

Books By Nirvana

The Silent Path

Even some of the most generally accepted realities of life, such as society, religion, family, politics, success and failure, are all, at the end of the day, just ideas. If there is anything real to life, it emanates from within us. Growing up is simply a process of discovering how much of what we call life is shaped by our own unique individuality.

In “The Silent Path”, enlightened teacher Nirvana (Avi) gives us a hard-hitting message of finding our own individual path to freedom. He strips life down to its bare essentials, providing a systematic and scientific approach to self-transformation. Even at the risk of stepping on the toes of certain deeply held institutional beliefs, he answers the questions of seekers with unmatched honesty and openness.

The Greatest Love Story Never Told

Truth has infinite patience. It can quietly wait for centuries looking for the right opportunity to reveal itself. More than two thousand years in the making, this is the revolutionary book we have been waiting for – one that can remove the shroud of misunderstanding hanging over the magnificent lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to reveal, for the first time, their true human story.

In Search of I

Are you curious about the practice of meditation, but unsure about where to begin? Look no further than “In Search of I – The Alchemy of Meditation”, a guidebook that demystifies meditation and shows you how to make it an integral part of your life.

In this book, enlightened teacher Nirvana (Avi) takes you on a magical journey through the labyrinth of meditation, answering some of the most important questions you may have about this ancient practice. Avi uses simple, easy-to-understand language to explain the benefits of meditation, as well as what it can and cannot do for you.

The Ocean in a Drop

Imagine a reality where life deviates completely from our current experience. Throughout countless generations, we have entered this world bound by family, religion, and society, passively absorbing the teachings of our predecessors without question.

In this captivating work, Nirvana (Avi) leads us on an enlightening expedition across various paradigms of human existence – the mind, knowledge, reality, religion, society, and evolution. He masterfully reveals the illusions, entrapments, deceptions, and manipulations that have held us captive, preventing us from embracing our genuine nature. By liberating ourselves from preconceived notions, we open the gateway to the ultimate encounter with life – an awakening to our authentic selves.

With awakened vision, Nirvana serves as our guide, unveiling the barriers hindering us from experiencing life in its purest essence. The profound insights within this book will expand your consciousness, deepening your comprehension of the true fabric of reality and propelling you forward in your quest for self-discovery.

The Whirling Dervish

Step into a world beyond time, where the verses of Rumi dance in eternal silence, revealing the essence of a mystical vision that has captivated our imagination for over seven centuries. Hidden within the words of this wise Persian sage, you’ll find a priceless treasure trove of wisdom that transcends all cultural and religious boundaries to open a playful path to self-discovery.

In this enchanting, witty and thought-provoking interpretation of Rumi’s poetic verses, enlightened teacher Nirvana (Avi) uncovers a hidden path to joy and contentment – the path of love. Prepare to be captivated by the fascinating exploration of Rumi’s longing heart – a journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

“The Whirling Dervish” is not merely a book – it is a sacred pilgrimage through the hidden corridors of the heart. So, dear seeker of truth, take that first step into the mystical embrace of Rumi’s poetry. The path of love awaits, and with it, the revelation of your highest nature – a transformation that will illuminate your soul and set it aglow with the eternal flame of divine love.

Where The Hell Are You Going?

The present is not just a moment. It is a reality of its own that does not belong to time. It is next to impossible for the human mind to understand the present, for it dwells only in the past or the future. Perhaps this is why, as human beings – creatures bound to the mind – we struggle to comprehend the sheer magnanimity of mindfulness, the subtle art of being here and now.

In this fascinating deep dive into the world of the “Now,” enlightened teacher Nirvana (Avi) takes us on a magical journey through the labyrinth of the mind – its fears and afflictions, desires and disappointments – to a place pulsing with pure peace, bliss, and aliveness: the eternal now.

The reason we often miss the magic of the present moment is that it seems like too simple a solution for life’s complex problems. Yet, many times, it is the simplest things that are the hardest to understand. Navigating the mysterious realm of the now takes knowledge and skill. Who better to guide us on this magnificent journey than a realized teacher whose dwelling is the present moment?

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