“Creation is something that happens from the inside and flows to the outside.”

Creativity is the very process of life. Everything that is happening around us is happening through the process of creativity. Creativity is not just an isolated domain or department of life. Creativity is the core of life. Everything begins with this creative energy and it flows outwards.

A few things are important to understand. The first is, creation is not something that just happens on the outside while you remain a mute spectator. Creation is something that happens from the inside and flows to the outside. This is the most important thing that we need to understand about creation and creativity. Creativity is not on the outside, but rather it is inside. The human mind has the ability to imagine, create thoughts, and generate emotions. When this is projected, when this energy flows outward as an expression of the individual, it becomes creativity.

So, creativity is really not a choice. It is not as if you can say, “Oh I don’t want to be creative, I’ll just go on living my life the way I’m living it. I don’t have to worry about creativity.” Creativity is what gives meaning and purpose to living, because all of us are here to express ourselves. And only in that expression life becomes complete and meaningful. If you are not expressing what you are meant to express, then that means part of you always remains closed, and part of you never reaches its highest potential, its completion.

That is the reason why there is this tremendous joy in being creative, in expressing yourself. And also there is tremendous contentment and fulfillment in expressing yourself because creativity is the very process of life. And since you are right in the middle of life, creativity is inevitable. You have to embrace creativity as a part of your life. Otherwise, life is going to be dull, and boring, and all the time you will be searching for some meaning.

See, Einstein used to say that there is nothing that is more powerful than imagination. All of his work, everything he did, he attributed to his ability to imagine things newly, freshly. He did not just walk on the same path that the mind takes everybody. He said that all of his theories came from a zone of pure imagination. And this imaginative ability of the mind, to see things that are not yet there, is the zone of creativity.

There is a vast difference between thinking and imagination. Thinking is more or less a regurgitation of what you have already acquired. You are just reflecting on what you have already done and on information you have already received. But, imagination is totally different. Imagination is new. That is why you cannot imagine when you are in pain and you cannot imagine when you are disturbed. Imagination happens from a zone of silence and stillness. Only when your mind is calm and relaxed, when it is not tormented by the disturbances of thinking, does creativity arise.

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