Only those who have explored the depths of music know its enormous healing power. Lovers of music know that it can cure a sick mind, body and soul. There are very few among us who have already not experienced the tremendous power of music. All of us are in some way connected to music. Music can be used in our daily life for stress relief, relaxation and self transformation.

The whole mind and body complex functions on a delicate balance of energy flow which is controlled by our emotions. The driving force of all our actions and thought processes are emotions. The underlying emotion behind action is what determines our state of mind and eventually our life.

Music has a direct power to touch and alter our emotional states. This is the reason why music resonates within us at an unimaginable depth and intensity. Music transcends the limiting and doubting thought processes of the mind to directly touch the heart of the listener. This is the reason why even while we disagree on the benefits of music, we can enjoy its tremendous power.

“Music can heal the soul”

Besides, music is never meant for analysis and interpretation. Music is concerned with a totally different dimension of life; a dimension where our true soul and self reside. Music is probably the only language of the soul. There is a part of us that understands nothing but music.

Music can comfort us when we are alone. It can bring pleasant memories from our past. It can remind us of our pain and suffering. It can transport us to a distant past and a distant place. It can make us sing, laugh and dance. Music can give us a glimpse of a life that we all dream for. Music is truly an invitation from the divine to participate in the process of life.

We live in a world of constant change and turmoil. Amidst the constant struggle for survival, recognition, power and prestige, the part of us that needs attention the most is ignored. There is a part of us that cannot be satisfied by physical and material success alone. There is a part of us that needs music and music alone.

Let us make some space for music to enter our lives. Let us spend a few minutes every day to soak in and reflect the magic of music. Let us use communion with music as a way of knowing and understanding ourselves. Let music lead our way into the deep dark dungeons of our heart to illuminate it with light, life and joy.

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