At any moment of your own choosing, you can stop running, then pause and reflect on the life that is already yours.

You can very much be alive and still throw your life away if you don’t know what exactly it means to be alive. Life is not just a precious experience that has to be cherished, it is a once in a lifetime experience! There is no way to live this life again. If life is this precious and unique, then it has to have tremendous meaning and purpose.

It is very easy to get lost in the mundane routine of life and miss its true meaning and essence. Today’s lifestyle exists in a shallow culture, and life is the easiest thing to lose track of. The saddest part about not knowing our true purpose is waking up one day to realize that we have wasted a perfectly beautiful life in pursuit of worthless goals.

There is an ocean of difference between surviving, making a living, and living. Most people are either trying to survive or are trying to make a living. Life itself is still a great mystery for most; they have confused different expressions of life for life itself. A flower is an expression of life; when you pause and watch a flower, it becomes an experience. Knowing the difference between the expression of life and the experience of life can make all the difference to our quality of living.

In our constant pursuit to make a living, we are chasing different expressions of life. We can have the whole world under our feet and still feel miserable and lost. Life is not an accumulation of expressions; it is an experience to be lived and enjoyed. At the end of the day, all that matters is a meaningful pause to soak in the infinite beauty of life.

Life has adorned herself to entice, intoxicate and draw us into her bosom. Nothing at all has to be done to enjoy her infinite beauty and wonder. You can be rich, poor, intelligent, dumb, happy, or sad; it just doesn’t matter. Life will cradle you, for you belong to her. You are her creation and expression. What is it that you are constantly searching for? Maybe you are confused about what you want, and in that confusion you are searching in all the wrong places. Maybe there is another way to look at the experience of life.

We are running from our own shadows. There is absolutely nothing to run from or run to. We create our desires to run toward and we create our fears to run away from. Not knowing that life is here and now, we are darting here and there without rest. We are tired of all the running around, but we cannot stop, because somewhere deep down in our mind we have concluded for ourselves that the real meaning of life is in constantly chasing something.

Life waits – She has infinite patience. At any moment of your own choosing, you can stop running, then pause and reflect on the life that is already yours. Just knowing how much life has already given you will bring a sense of calm and serenity to your life. We have absolutely no right to be miserable when we have life on our side. Let’s reflect and remember that we are not alone. This moment is life and She is always with us. Let’s not ignore Her and throw this precious life away.

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