Challenge Your Perception of Reality

Challenge Your Perception of Reality

I’ve always loved engaging in a psychologically-stimulating discussion with someone. Thinking “outside the box” should be a regular practice to keep ourselves from getting stagnant. Once you step outside, you’ll realize just how small our boxes are.

Since I’ve become a student of Avi’s, my mind hasn’t for one minute been in a thinking rut. He has stirred up thought processes that I would never dream up but that are so easy to embrace because he speaks the truth, and you know what they say, “the truth will set you free”! His knowledge of existence and life and thoughts is never-ending and so very fascinating. It all makes so much sense!

I’ve selected a very thought-provoking video from our YouTube channel for this week. It’s only a little over 8 minutes long, but will have you traveling different pathways in your mind….. take the challenge.

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