In Search of Love

In Search of Love

The invisible thread that connects us to everything, and everything else to us, is love. There is no meaning and purpose to life without love and yet how many of us really understand the real meaning of the word love. Love is unfortunately mistaken for so many other emotions that have absolutely nothing to do with it. Love is not just another emotion; it is a transcendental feeling of connectedness. Love has to be the language of the universe.

We need love because it is the only way we can make any sense of this experiential dreamlike state called life.  Without love, we are just wandering spirits of the wilderness of life, moving without any meaning or purpose, motivated by a few worldly purposes we have picked up along the way. Love is important because it is what we are searching for. Without love, life is simply pointless.

Now, what exactly is love? How can we be sure that what we have found or what we are looking for is love and not just another emotion? The first thing to understand about love is that it does not stand independently; there is no such thing as an objective love that is independent of you. Love is a difficult thing to find because its most important part is hidden within you; what you are searching for on the outside is simply a reflection of what you already know within you. The starting point of your search for love is always you.

When we forget ourselves in our pursuit of love, we miss the most important ingredient that makes love possible – Us. The first step in finding real love is diving deep into the recesses of our mind and heart to know who we are. It is a continuous process; the more we know ourselves the easier it is to find love. This might sound a little strange, but it is a fact. The one who knows himself/herself better has the best possible chance of finding true love.

Remember, there is no such thing as “The Love” there is only “Your Love”; there is only your definition of love. If you cannot define what exactly love is to you, you will never be able to find it. This is probably why most people keep searching for love all their lives, never to find it. For most, life is an endless pursuit of love because they have not made a sincere attempt to know themselves.

This is why there is such a deep connection between love and spirituality. The more spiritual we are, the more capable we are of finding true love. If love is all that we are searching for, then spirituality is simply a way of looking deeper within us to understand the true nature of this love. There is only one place where love finds its perfect match; when it is found within you.

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Expedition in search of love

Expedition in search of love

A human journey is nothing but an expedition in search of love. Everything we do is a way to move towards love. Therefore, it is important to understand what exactly love is. It is so easy to confuse love with all of the other emotions. Love seems to be very subtle, internal, and feels like an emotion, but love is independent of all human emotions.

Love is a certain quality; it is the underlying reality of a person. You can almost say that an individual is nothing but love; all we want is give and receive love. The most important thing about love is that unless you have love within you to give, you cannot get it from outside. The only way to get love is to give love; it is a simple rule, it is the most ancient rule, and it is never going to change. A relationship should be about giving love, not just requesting love, or demanding love.

“A human journey is nothing but an expedition in search of love.”

Then, where does this love come from, which makes it possible for us to share it? Love is that blissful moment when we are beyond all our doubts, fears, and prejudices about another person. When we can experience that pure state of being in the moment, love is a natural and effortless outflowing. It is impossible for someone else to fill our cup of love fully, because another person will always add his/her own emotions, judgments and desires to the process. Another person will always add something more than what is needed.

Love is something you have to find within yourself. You have to observe your thought process and your way of life. You have to go deeper into silence to connect with that zone of pure love. Once you know what that wellspring of love is and how to access it, every relationship of yours is sustainable because now you will have something to give. Once you find this wellspring of love within, you will not ask and crave for love, rather you will try and find every opportunity to give and share love.

Let’s say there are two individuals, one of whom is filled with love more than the other. She is filled with love for no reason, and that love is keeping her happy and in a positive state of mind; that love is urging her to give and share. Now imagine how easy it would be to fall in love with this person! All of us want to receive, so when there is a giver of love in the relationship, the relationship is automatically sustained.

In fact, one individual can have so much love to give that it can even compensate for the lack of love in another person. More often than not, relationships are sustained by individuals who have slightly more love to give than the other partner of the relationship. So in moments of conflict, in moments of confrontation, the individual with more love to give compensates for lack of it in the other. At the end of the day, love is simply a consequence of knowing ourselves fully. The more we know ourselves, the easier it is to love.

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