Have you ever come to that point in your life where you ask the question, “Seriously, what am I doing with my life?” I asked myself that question during my 30’s, again in my 40’s, and then again in my 50’s.

The answer in my 30’s was to quit a good-paying government job to pursue “the good life” off the grid and in the woods. That lasted about 2 years, I was then back to work. The answer in my 40’s was to leave a 25-year marriage that had turned abusive and start again on my own. In my 50’s I started looking inward, looking for answers to life there.

I made up my mind that I wanted to learn about the inner part of me. I made a list of what I wanted. Yes, it was a “pie-in-the-sky” sort of list, but hey, it was my dream, so I made it large! The list was:

  • The next man I met I wanted to be a spiritual man. I was over “macho” men, men who drank a lot, and I was not interested in rich men. He needed to know how to cook.
  • I wanted to figure out something spectacular to do with the farm before I died. It’s a wonderful place with a creek, pond, a cave, woods, and pasture. Too special to just let it go.
  • I wanted to figure out what makes us humans tick. Get some answers.
  • I wanted to learn how to meditate.

So, these questions led me down a path of crystals, moon watching, ancient wisdom, festivals, folklore, yoga, and meditation. One of my friends invited me to a yoga studio to listen to this spiritual teacher from India (Avi). I heard him talk and was interested, but left the studio with no plans for future interaction since he was just visiting America.

Turns out that Avi decided to stay back in America when his friend returned to India. He said, “My work is in America because we’re stressed and we need meditation.” Lol, is he ever right!

He was staying with several people on a rotational basis and when I found out he was still in America, I invited him to stay here some too, since the upstairs of the house was just cluttered with my crafting habits.

One thing led to another, we collaborated on his mission in America, and voila! Meditation Farm was born. We made the upstairs into a sleeping/work/study/yoga area for Avi, and we’re developing the farm into a meditation retreat where Avi can teach folks how to de-stress and seek within.  Now my retirement days are filled with meeting hall construction, book editing, video filming and transcribing, meditating, and I’ve got a front row seat with an awakened spiritual teacher. How’s that for getting a dream fulfilled?!

The only thing I would have changed is that I was sort of looking for a spiritual man closer to my age. Oh well, I have no time for romance anyway–got lots of work to do!  Be careful what you ask for…….you just might get it!

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