We know too much about too many people. Most of it is unnecessary and doesn’t serve any purpose to us. Still, our mind is occupied realizing how others are doing, and the lifestyle comparison begins.

We’ve caught ourselves in the clutches of material possessions and societal patterns. Even the little things are romanticized. We measure our happiness and success based on others forgetting how every individual is distinct.

The good thing is that we’re starting to unlearn. We no longer treat our Life as a scorecard to get full marks in the subjects of Education, Career, Marriage, Lifestyle, Family, Social life. We know that each one of us will have a different score in different subjects. And there is NO winner among us.  People struggle, people fail, they drop out, they quit and they part ways or even give up in the end. But there is one thing common in all of us – We hustle to find satisfactory happiness in everything we do.

It doesn’t really matter how much we’ve achieved in our lifetime. As long as we enjoy experiences, create memories and sleep peacefully everyday we’re doing great!
To have this self-awareness and realized state of mind is nothing but mindfulness.

Mindfulness isn’t about long hours, quiet surroundings and zero thoughts. It’s about the consciousness in each breath we take and acceptance of every thought. Then we’ll notice how occupied our mind is with needless thoughts, fears, and worries. Are they even worth spending so much time thinking of? They do not serve any purpose.

Choose to let them go. With every exhale, let something go that is bothering you. That’s how to get rid of toxicity from your mind. It is a journey to let go. One thought at a time or all of them at once.

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