While a good book provides answers, a great book compels you to ask new questions. “The Silent Path” steps on the toes of institutional belief systems, exposing a beautiful path to individual liberation. Instead of providing readymade answers, this book inspires you to think and question your limiting belief systems.

Enlightened teacher Avi takes you on a magnificent journey into your inner world of silence and stillness. He offers an ideal introduction to the world of meditation and answers some of your most important questions about pursuing a more meaningful way of life. “The Silent Path” describes how to balance the responsibilities of a modern lifestyle, while pursuing a practical and scientific path to inner peace, certainty and happiness.

Here are a few questions Avi addresses in this book:

  • What can meditation do for me? How do I practice it?
  • How do I gain control over my thoughts and emotions?
  • How do I stop worrying so much?
  • How do I manage my anger and frustration?
  • What exactly is Enlightenment and how do I attain it? 

An “illuminating breath of fresh air,” “The Silent Path” will change your life forever.

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About the Author:

Once in a while, an individual comes along who possesses the ability to profoundly alter our perception and understanding of life. Avi is one such person. Avi’s extraordinary understanding of human life comes from his experiential journey into the depths of silence and stillness.

Avi quit his well-paying financial analyst job at Thomson Reuters to pursue his passion for life, spirituality and meditation. After completing his NLP Masters, he dove into the world of meditation. He spent several years in intense silence, solitude and meditation, at the end of which he had a profound life-altering experience.

Currently, Avi lives in Tennessee and travels around the country delivering talks to share his experiences. His teachings are both inspiring and illuminating. Meditation Farm is a nonprofit organization established by Avi to spread his message and teachings around the world.

Praise for the book

“This book has changed the way I look at life. Such amazing insights! Avi is truly gifted.”


Vice President, Meditation Farm

“This is a must read book for all those who are interested in meditation. Just loved it.”


Business Analyst, Northern Trust

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