Question: Why am I obsessed with my thoughts?

You are actually not obsessed with thoughts. Try and understand this. You do not even know that there are thoughts. You are so far away from thoughts that you do not even have a clue that all of these thoughts are happening to you.

What you think you are, at this point in time, is itself just a thought. Therefore, one thought is contemplating on another thought and asking the question, “Why am I obsessed with another thought?” It is because they are in the same family, they share the same origins, and they are all living together. You are not at all in thoughts. In reality, you are somewhere far away from thoughts. You never indulge in a thought, and you never want to entertain a thought.

It is like this. Let us say that you are the sky, and being the sky you ask, “Why am I obsessed with clouds?” I will say that it is not you who is asking this question, but rather it is a cloud. One cloud is asking the question, “Why am I obsessed with other clouds?” However, as the sky, you do not even know that clouds exist; you are so far away from clouds. You tend to think that clouds are inside you, but clouds are not inside you. Clouds occupy one small layer of you. You are vast. You are much bigger than clouds. Similarly, when you inquire about thoughts, it is basically one layer of thoughts that is inquiring about another layer of thoughts, although you yourself are much, much vaster than thoughts.

“Only a process of being silent and still can reveal what is hidden behind the cloud of thoughts.”

That is why only a process of being silent and still can reveal what is hidden behind the cloud of thoughts. You will never be able to intellectually answer the question of why you are obsessed with thoughts, because you are not obsessed with thoughts, you are too transcendental. You are just a pure consciousness, a pure awareness, and you never indulge in anything. You just know how to be alive and observe everything, that is all.

But thoughts can conspire against you. They can gather in thick clouds and completely block you out. Just like a bunch of clouds can block out the sun. Even though the clouds think they have blocked out the sun, we know how vast and far the sun is from the clouds? If the clouds try to get any closer to the sun they will just disappear, they will just evaporate. It is the same relationship between the Self and thoughts. Thoughts occupy a certain layer that you call your mind. Your body is also a part of that. Everything you know as of now is a part of that layer of clouds. The real you is somewhere very far away, simply sitting, and experiencing everything. You are too close to your thoughts when you are inquiring. As you step away from thoughts, you will leave them far behind.

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