Everything you are is a thought. That is why Buddha said, “You are nothing but your thoughts.” The inquirer has not even taken birth. It is thoughts who are inquiring. That is why to break away from the clutches of thoughts you need a trick, not just effort. You need to figure out a way to trick your own mind into letting you be all alone. One part of your mind should leave another part of your mind alone. That is the biggest challenge in meditation, because all thoughts are interconnected.

This is where silence comes in. By introducing silence into your world of thoughts you are saying, “No, this is my zone of silence and I don’t want thoughts to interfere.” That zone of silence will eventually expand and you will entirely step away from your thoughts. When the first cloud breaks and you watch the sky, that will be the moment, and it always happens suddenly.

Just keep seeking. Remember, it is not you who is obsessed with thoughts; it is thoughts that are obsessed with thoughts. And they just keep passing like clouds. They are never still. They never ask one question long enough. If they ask one question long enough, then they will realize the sky that contains them. They are simply going somewhere, and in their unconsciousness they are asking questions like: Where are we going? Where do we come from? Why do we look like this? In all their inquiries the sky is not involved at all.

“In a spiritual inquiry, you have to observe your very questioning process.”

So, that is why a spiritual inquiry is different from all other inquiries. In a spiritual inquiry, you observe your very questioning process. In a spiritual inquiry, it is not the question that is so important, rather it is the one who is asking the question. Being with the question, and continually asking the question are the most important things. You have to continue to ask a question till it dissolves completely.

When you realize the truth, you will see how simple it is. You will wonder as to how stupid you must have been to think that all this was real. How idiotic we must be to believe that all of this is actually physical and is happening somewhere outside. Everything is a part of our imagination. Everything, including our bodies, our minds, and the world we live in belong to the imaginary realm.

You have been projecting this whole reality on your screen of consciousness. You have been giving it the perception of depth, the perception of space, and the perception of distance; you have been supplying all of this to your dream. If only you can become still and watch what is happening, you will realize how close you are to the truth.

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