About Avi

Avi’s worldly journey began with a promising career in the financial sector, fresh out of college. Yet, as he delved deeper into his achievements, he sensed a profound yearning within him that remained unfulfilled. At the tender age of 24, he made a courageous decision to embark on a quest for inner peace and fulfillment.

Leaving behind the familiar comforts of his home and bidding farewell to his job, Avi embraced a path less traveled. In a humble room, he immersed himself in the practice of meditation, seeking solace and wisdom in the depths of his being.

For three years, Avi dedicated himself to the transformative power of meditation, diligently exploring the inner realms of consciousness. During this profound journey, a spiritual awakening ignited within him, forever altering the course of his life. Inspired by the profound insights and inner peace he discovered, Avi felt a deep calling to share his experience with others.

Venturing into the world, he began offering transformative meditation programs and retreats, guiding fellow seekers towards their own paths of self-realization. In 2017, destiny led Avi to the shores of America, accompanied by a devoted student who recognized the invaluable wisdom he possessed. Captivated by the warmth and curiosity of the American people, Avi chose to make this land his new home and extend his teachings to a wider audience.

To fulfill his sacred mission, Avi laid the foundation of the Nirvana Foundation, a sanctuary of knowledge and self-awareness. Through the foundation, he offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals to explore the depths of meditation, unlocking the transformative power that lies within. As the first meditation center takes shape in the serene landscapes of Tennessee, Avi resides there, continuing to illuminate the path of self-discovery for those who seek it.

Praise for Avi’s books

“Avi’s books have changed the way I look at life. Such amazing insights! Avi is truly gifted. You will never be the same after reading one of his books.”


Seeker, Nirvana Foundation

“Avi’s books are a must read for all those who are interested in exploring the depths of their inner being. He takes you to places you have never been before.”


Business Analyst, Northern Trust

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