Avi Raa

Rarely does one comes across an individual with such diverse and intense experiences. Avi is a science and business graduate and an NLP Master. He is a gluttonous reader, an intense meditator, and a spiritual teacher. A burning passion to know the intricate functioning of the human mind, and understand life has been the driving force of his life.

Avi left his financial analyst job at Thomson Reuters to pursue his passion for self-inquiry. The incredible depth of his understanding of life comes from his four-year experiential inner journey into the depths of his being, at the end of which he had a profound life altering experience of self-realization.

Since moving to America in 2017, Avi founded “Nirvana Foundation” to help people discover the magic of meditation and self-inquiry. He is on a mission to guide individuals toward their highest possibility.

Avi has dedicated his entire life to helping people find their inner strength.  He currently lives in Crab Orchard, Tennessee where construction is underway on the first Nirvana meditation center.

Avi delivers talks to various groups and studios around the country, and his talks are transcribed into books. His books, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” and “The Silent Path” are available on Amazon.


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