Christianity is the last big religion

Another Christianity, another religion like the way Christianity has happened, is an impossibility, so Christianity is the last big religion. Islam is also there, but Islam is still new. If one of these two religions goes away first it will be Christianity, because people are becoming totally different. People are becoming more scientific and logical. That is why even in America, look at the youngsters; they are not gravitating towards Christianity. The children are not turning towards the churches; they are turning towards something else.

Islam is completely different. Islam is a very new religion compared to Christianity, and Islam has a completely different force and grip over people that you could not believe. Do a simple experiment: take a group of Christians and a group of Muslims and devise a game to break them apart. In this game, the objective is to stay together longer than the other group. Take my word: Play this game one thousand times and every time Christians will lose, because their sense of being together is not as strong as the Muslim sense of being together. The Muslim sense of being together cannot be compared to any other religion in the world. If there are four Muslims in a group of a hundred people, they connect more to their religious heritage and their Islamic roots than any other connections made in the group. Islam is very deeply rooted.

Slowly, however, the world is moving towards the individual. There was a time for kingdoms and there was a time for governments. There will be a time for individuals, too. A time when only an individual will matter. People will not identify someone with the country he is from, or what race or religion he is. Nobody will care. Twenty years ago, the first questions people would ask each other were, “What religion do you belong to?” or, “Where do you come from? What group?” Now this has almost become a “politically incorrect” question to ask, and does not happen as much.

A time will come when people will ask you what your qualifications are and what you are capable of, and that will be enough. When people become smarter, they will realize that an individual’s qualifications are what he has accomplished in life, not what he has been given. The understanding will be that a child is born into a religion, but it is neither a sin, nor a boon, to be born into a certain religion. A child is just born into a religion, that is it. What will matter is what did they do after that? What have they done in their life? This is what will matter.

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