The Secret of Inspiration

The Secret of Inspiration

Why is it difficult to stay inspired and motivated all the time? What is it in the nature of life that makes it so hard to keep our motivation going? Let’s try to understand the science of motivation. More importantly, let’s try to understand why we lose the ability to stay motivated as we grow up.

There is no debate in the argument that we were a lot more motivated during our younger days. Irrespective of our age now, we can all reflect back on the time when we had more energy and enthusiasm. We can all recollect a time from our past when we were a lot more inspired and motivated.

One important reason it’s difficult for us to stay inspired as we grow up is our changing understanding of life. As we grow, our understanding of life changes and so does our attitude toward what inspires and motivates us. Since the very definition of “growing up” is a process of changing, staying motivated is a big challenge

The trick to staying inspired most of the time lies in our mind. If we are able to understand the nature of our minds clearly, we will be able to learn how to keep ourselves motivated.

As far as the mind is concerned, motivation is simply a state. In fact, our mind doesn’t understand motivation at all. The main thing it understands and recognizes is different states of our mind; positive and negative states. Being in a positive state of mind corresponds to being motivated, and a negative state of mind corresponds to demotivation and lack of enthusiasm.

It is amazing how much time, money and effort is spent in trying to motivate people. Most people understand motivation as a surge of energy; hence they fall into the age old trap of instant energizing, only to lose their energy all too quickly.

We cannot approach our personal motivation in this manner. Rather, we need to understand it as a way of keeping our mind in a positive state of mind. The biggest secret to motivation is knowing the difference between a negative and a positive state of mind. When we know what triggers a negative or a positive state of mind, it becomes possible for us to control our motivation levels.

The easiest way to stay motivated is by listening to the continuous conversation of our minds and not encouraging negative conversation. This sounds too simplistic to work, but it works brilliantly. Just by listening to our thoughts we can weed out negative and unnecessary conversations and cultivate an internal atmosphere of positivity and energy.

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Standing for Truth

Standing for Truth

When you are confused, always take the side of truth. Nothing a human being has ever done matters more than this. Truth is, was and always will be the yardstick on which we are measured. While truth is the best path to take, it is also one of the most difficult of paths to stick to. You can be pushed away from the path of truth very easily.

The world has become a complex and confusing place. The sheer pace at which things are changing makes it easy to get confused and lost in this fast-paced, ever-changing, shape-shifting reality. The only reliable source of strength and inspiration for the individual is the truth he or she believes in.

Now, why is it so important to discover our truth and stick with it? Apart from the moral argument that truth is right, there is also a very important practical aspect to truth. Truth provides us a sense of direction; it acts as a guiding light to help us make sense of the confusing darkness around us. The moment we decide to compromise on our truth and integrity, we simply lose the way.

Truth offers us the internal certainty that is necessary to face the daily challenges of external reality. We are living in a world where everybody is fighting for our attention. We have to constantly choose between our influences and focus on what is important to us. How is it possible to focus when we are not sure about what we want, and how we can be certain about what we want if it is not deeply rooted in the truth we believe in?

Without internal truth, honesty and integrity we are like a dry leaf that is drifting in the wind. Without this internal certainty, our future, fate and destiny are simply a matter of chance. We will not have any control over our present or the future. We will not have the necessary strength and motivation to pursue our dreams and desires.

Truth fills us with incredible energy and enthusiasm. Truth lifts us when we fall. It cushions our fall and puts us back on the path. Truth gives us meaning and purpose to our actions. It helps us to weed out unwanted distractions and helps us to stay clear and focused. Truth is the best friend who will walk with you and support you in your most challenging situations.

Just reflect on the lives of some of the most creative and successful people of history; Einstein, Da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo and so many others. What drove them towards such incredible excellence and success? The common connecting factor of their lives is truth. They were all possessed by the truth they believed in. They were guided by an internal truth that shaped their lives. Without a clear sense of the truth that we believe in, life will always be uncertain.

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Redefine Success

Redefine Success

A tree doesn’t grow tall to reach the sun, nor does it grow to compete with its neighboring tree. It grows because growing is its very nature. Growing, evolving and attaining to your true potential has very little to do with what is happening around you and has everything to do with what is happening within you.

Reading a success story of somebody, and attaining to one yourself are two completely different things. Dissect a human being into thousand parts, you will find everything there except life. Dissect the life of a successful person, you will find everything there except success.

Let us understand the word success. What is success all about, who defines it, why is it necessary and is it as glamorous as people project it to be? We have heard people talk about discipline, dedication, hard work, punctuality and a host of other qualities one has to cultivate in order to attain to success. But honestly, how many of these qualities can you actually remember and practice, how many of these qualities can become the bedrock on which you can build your success.

A tree doesn’t grow tall to reach the sun. Growing is its very nature.

History has given us all kinds of successful people. Success of simplicity in Gandhi, success of stupidity in Hitler, success of innovation in Edison, success of imagination in Disney, success of silence in Buddha. If at all we can learn something from the rich vibrant past of human evolution, it is that with forceful assertion of your individuality, you can turn anything into success. It is not a certain quality of yours that will determine your success; it is the understanding of yourself and your individuality. To attain to any kind of success, knowing who you are is infinitely more important than knowing what you do.

Success is simply the afterglow of your individual creative self shinning bright in the darkness of human struggle. You cannot spread the light, unless you possess it yourself. You cannot succeed in the world unless you find success within yourself first. In reality, success is simply a journey inward. The deeper you reach within yourself, the farther you can go in the world. Finding the method, system and process of self-discovery is the first step on your ladder of success.

The day you understand yourself fully, every single expression of yours becomes a source of creativity, inspiration and drive. You don’t have to strive to succeed; success simply becomes your second nature. Then the word success will only make sense to those who are trying to understand your life. As for you, it just doesn’t matter.  Anyways success is neither the destination nor the journey; it is simply the footprints you leave behind on the sands of time.

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